Audè Line

The line Cosmetics Audè is the result of scientific studies and clinical tests that have led to what until a few years ago was considered unthinkable, and that is storing up the oxygen in a cosmetic formulation. The molecules that researchers have obtained are termed “ozonides” i.e. oxygen carriers and their lipophilic characteristic allows a very high degree of penetration into the skin and the possibility to perform their action on cells with great efficiency.

A regular application of the Audè products is able to stimulate the regeneration and self-repair work of the skin cells to counteract the physiological aging of the skin including damages from loss of elasticity and sun exposure (photo aging).

Prodotti Linea Audè

The Clinic

Audè Philosophy

The Audè products are also indicated in the treatment of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, both in preparation stage, as an adjuvant of skin elasticity and also during post-treatment because it can stimulate the cellular repair processes and ensure greater stability of the results over time.

The evolution of cosmetics in pharmacies.

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